My name is Lauren Serge (she/her pronouns) and I am currently a junior at Ohio University majoring in Journalism: Strategic Communication with specializations in Marketing and Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. This portfolio is a culmination of the various projects I have created and been involved in during my college career. 

As a high schooler at William Mason High School, I worked as a staff writer and managing editor for our monthly student publication, The Chronicle, which was printed and distributed to 3,600 students. That experience with writing, interviewing, editing, and graphically laying out the pages of the paper, heightened my interest in journalism and sparked my decision to apply to the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. 

I am a proud recipient of the Bob and Colleen Dishon Scholarship as well as the OHIO Distinction and Success Scholarships. I am also a proud recipient of a National Medal and Gold Key in the 2019 Scholastic Arts and Writing Awards.

I have a profound interest in writing and communicating, both personally and journalistically, which will be showcased in the numerous articles presented in this portfolio. My pieces are spread out amongst a handful of organizations, where I have devoted my creative and professional time to produce meaningful and authentic work.

These organizations include:
Her Campus:
an online magazine created entirely by women, with innovative articles spanning opinionated narratives, popular culture, and listicles. I have served as a writer for this publication and the Vice President and I am now the current President and Co-Campus Correspondent where I assist in editing staff articles, hosting staff meetings, overseeing the success of our chapter, and communicating with the national branch, while still producing unique weekly content.

The Post: an independent campus newspaper that produces daily online articles and a weekly printed publication. I am a Staff Writer for The Post's culture section, where I  write three objective articles a week pertaining to art, music, international student affairs, LGBTQ+ visibility, and women's issues. 

1804 Communication: a student-run public relations firm that formulates and strategizes material for eight real-life clients. I have served as an Account Associate and Account Executive for the Research and Strategy Department, where I have helped to analyze possible successes for our clients and led activities pertaining to the business development of the firm. I am currently the Director for the Business Development Department where I organize the projects for the Account Executives and oversee the success of the department, which focuses on communication with our clients and seeking additional business. 

POWER/GAMMA: a health and wellness organization that works to educate Ohio University students on various health issues relevant to the college population--such as sexual health, nutrition, alcohol and drug prevention, and mental health. I have worked on programs on alcohol education for incoming freshmen and on the nutrition and body image committee to promote a better understanding of wellness in relation to the body during college. 

Thank you, and I hope you enjoy my work!