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Why I Chose Ohio University

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It’s Homecoming week here at OU, and I think this time of year tends to make everyone feel a little more nostalgic and reflective.

For me, it makes me think of my own time at OU thus far, and how I will eventually fall into the category of alumni who will come to visit at these events.

It’s strange to think about my senior year of high school, when I was selecting colleges to apply to and filling out applications. It feels so long ago, but also like it just happened.

I knew I wanted to apply to OU from the beginning. My junior year of high school, I joined our school’s newspaper. For the summer prior to my junior year, as a newspaper staff, we all attended OU’s high school journalism workshop. OU also had a connection with my high school, where alumni who were currently in Scripps at OU would come to visit and share their experiences.

Given these connections I had with the university, and the positive memories I had associated with it during my two-night stay for the camp, I knew it was a place I would want to apply.

And, as the application process continued, I felt something different about my application to OU than any others. It was the one I got the most excited about when the acceptance letter came in the mail.

I knew, deep down, that among all the other candidates, this is the school I wanted to go to the most.

Being a journalism student, OU is an exceptional choice. Their journalism programs are greatly recognized and uphold the admiration. I knew this was going to be the best school for my chosen field.

But, despite the academic purposes, this campus just feels right. Athens has such a beautiful, homey feel about it. The college-town atmosphere allows for OU to be such a unique school to go to, with the lovely small businesses and quaint setting.

While starting college freshman year was certainly rough for me, I slowly began to construct this place into a home for myself. I fell in love with the bricks, the gorgeous surrounding nature, and the people here.

And now, as a junior, I can truly and honestly say that I am so glad that I go here. While I came here for the journalism school, I’ve stayed because of the memories and the friends that I have made.

I’m very grateful for my time at OU so far, and I am excited for the rest of my time here as well. Hopefully, years down the line, I’ll come back for Homecoming week and still feel that same excitement and contentment that I feel now.

article originally posted to hercampus.com/school/ohio-u

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